Benefits of Day Trading (Part 2)

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To help you decide whether or not you should try day trading, here is another list of benefits that day trading possesses. If the proper day trading strategy is applied, these benefits await you. Don’t miss any of these.

1. Your Money is Cash From Start to End of Trading

In day trading, you square off all your positions before the close of market. You begin your day with cash and finish it with the same cash, adjusting it with profit or loss. It is comfortable to end the day when you are in 100 percent cash. One big advantage of this is that you can withdraw your cash anytime in case of emergency.

2.Less Risky

With proper money management and discipline, you are less prone or exposed to risk compared to other forms of trading. In positional trading, losses can be too much as anything can happen overnight and your stock can fall the next day on the opening of the market. You may not be able to get appropriate exit levels. In day trading, your losses are limited.

3. You Can Do More Trades

Day trading provides more opportunities. You have more leverage and can execute more trades. You can make an immediate exit on profit or loss in case of stop outs and can take entry into another good stock. Compared to positional or long-term trading, day trading gives you more buying power and can use more opportunities.

4. Better Learning Opportunities

With day trading, you have the chance to learn, test and apply different techniques in the relatively short period of time. You can assess and test which strategies suit and work best for you, which chart patterns give better results. This can make you more effective and profitable.

5. You Don’t Need to Study Much

In the case of day trading, you do not need to study too much about stocks. Most of the traders only trade in few selected high volume stocks every day and generate good profit without doing any serious and intense technical or fundamental study of that stock. However, if you want to buy stocks for a short or long span of time, you will need to some serious study to enable you to choose the right stock. You will need to understand its fundamentals and technical properly.

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