Qualities of a Successful Investor

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Success is never a matter of luck, but rather certain personal qualities or characteristics of an investor that determines how successful he is. If you think you don’t possess any of needed characteristics or qualities, it is still possible that you discover, learn, and apply them yourself. Having the right qualities of an investor can greatly help you to be a successful one. Additionally, part of success also stems from the investor’s portfolio and goals. To set reasonable goals, a lot of investors use standards that are specific to their portfolio.

This article, however, will focus mainly on the qualities of a successful investor.

1. Have the Eagerness to Learn

To learn and grow, you need to do the work, and you would not be able to do the work unless you have the passion and interest in the craft. You must start building enjoyment out of it. Get yourself comfortable with reading the market analysis, economic data, and company reports.

2. Open-minded

Acknowledging that you do not know everything will help you spot new opportunities and better ways of thinking. Investors who are fixed in their ways and has an unbending view of the world will likely get left behind quickly.

3. Financially Literate

In trading, you do not need to be a real expert in mathematics, but you need to get comfortable working with digits or numbers because they are the language of investing.

4. Have Numeracy Skills

Numeracy is the ability to apply numerical concepts, therefore you need to know how to compute probabilities. This is an important part of risk management.

5. Rational and Realistic

Always set realistic goals and expectations, if you don’t, you will surely fall into the trap of disappointment and discouragement. If your beliefs are irrational, you will not be able to understand how the capital markets work.


Successful investors are process-driven and systematic. They make time to create a detailed, written plan and then they comply with it. They do in-depth research and thorough execution.

7. Humble

Have the ability and willingness to acknowledge and admit mistakes.

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