Real Estate Mistakes of Rookie Investors

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First-time real estate investors often think that the industry is an opportunity to grow their wealth in the fast and simple way. However, as many seasoned investors know, it is not as easy as it may appear from the outside. In fact, a lot of experienced investors still commit mistakes or have endured great mistakes in their investing journey.

This article listed down some of the mistakes new real estate investors commit.

1. Not having plans

A real estate investor that does not have any plans to follow is more likely to end up achieving nothing. There is no clear direction as he goes on with his investing career.

As an investor, always take in mind that having a well thought out plan, based on the fundamentals of real estate investment, and sticking to it can help you generate more money, exert less effort, and minimize the risks in your investments dramatically.

2. Buying a Property for a Wrong Reason

There are three ways to produce money from a real estate investment:

a. The rental income surpasses your expenses and makes positive monthly cash flow for you (cash flow);

b. The tenants will pay down your mortgage (equity growth);

c. The property is set to grow in value over time (appreciation).

You should focus on looking for properties that will produce enough rent to cover the mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and management of the property on a monthly basis and ideally, save a little in the account afterward.

When you comply and adhere to that plan you will find that you can weigh the fluctuations and surges of the values, and you do not need to ensure that you make extra cash every month to pay for a deficit made by one or more of your properties.

3. Not weighing the benefits and risks

When an investor is focused only on return on investment, he is drawn to deal with more risks and that needs a lot of time to handle and maintain. He is not weighing the risks against the returns. The cash flow is big, so the opportunities appear great.

However, deals with great returns likely to take so much of your time and energy as you manage all the risks. And if something goes wrong, sooner or later you will see your funds declining also.

A lot of real estate investors do not think cautiously about the risks and benefits before taking a new investment deal and end up unable to grow their portfolio due to a problem property or two.

4. Trying to Work it Out Alone

Real estate investing is a serious and often tough task to do. Therefore, it is suggested that you have a real estate investment adviser or coach beside to help and guide you. Sit down with your coach, a seasoned investor or at least someone who specializes in helping real estate investors finance their deals, to map out your investment master plan. Having an expert in this industry can help you save time, avoid stress, and earn more money.

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