Saving Money on School Supplies

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Buying school supplies every year can give you so much stress, especially when you have two or three kids to buy needed school stuff, which makes the cost to add up. It puts pressure on you, physically and, ultimately, financially. However, with a few sharp tricks, shopping for school supplies can be less of a financial strain. Take a look at how you can actually save money on back-to-school stuff.

1. Reuse

At the end of the school year, save all the items that can still be used in a box for the following year. So that when the school year starts up again, you can initially do your first run of school supply shopping by running through that box. If you can check a bunch of items off your list without the need to go to the mall, then that is the money that stays in your wallet.

2. Do Hand-Me-Down Items

All the items that don’t get damaged are the ones that can be handed down from older to younger children. These may be clothes, backpacks, pencil holders, or rulers. These can all be given to younger sibling once the older one outgrows them or no longer need them.

3. Focus on Durability When Buying New Items

If you are planning to do the second tip, the items need to be durable. Avoid those items that can be broken easily or quickly. It is better to spend on a quality backpack that can be used for several years than to save 10 percent of your money on a backpack that will rip within a year or two.

4. Shop for Supplies Alone

When buying supplies, sometimes it is better to do it without the kids because they will surely want input on some items, like backpacks. However, talking about complete school supply list with multiple children can cause not only a stress but also a lot of expensive and unnecessary items.

Shopping most of the staple items on your own can help you pick the supplies based on price and not because of the appealing color or the character featured in front.

5. Personalize School Supplies

You can use stickers to make the items more appealing to the eyes and to reflect the kids’ personalities on their stuff. To do this, you can buy each of the kids a package of stickers and let them decorate their supplies. It is much better and cheaper if you buy plain-colored items so kids can design them easily the way they want.

6. Buy in Bulk When Prices Are Low

Most of the school supply prices lower a few weeks after school started. The stores want to offload as many school-related products as they can to make space for other seasonal items, so they will offer big discounts on many items. During this period, buy the school supplies that your kids will need or items that need to be replaced regularly. It is better to buy 20 folders for a dollar or 10 notebooks for a dollar, and keep them in a school items box until the time they are needed.


New school year does not necessarily mean new school supplies to buy. It does not have to be expensive, either, even if you have a lot of kids. Just use sensible tactics when buying school items and your wallet can survive the experience.

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