Some Disadvantages of Day Trading

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Just like any type of trading in the market, day trading requires skill and discipline to execute it properly and trade successfully. And it is not enough that you only focus on one side of information regarding how it really works.

Now that you know the potential advantages or benefits of day trading, it is time for you to know its possible risks or disadvantages that may challenge you as you go on with this trading, or if you are beginner trader, it will give you an idea whether or not you should choose day trading. Take a look at below list of disadvantages that you should be aware of.

1. Requires a Quick Mind

Day trading does not suit well to traders who are not quick in making decisions and commitments. To be a profitable day trader, you should know how to analyze the market quickly, and when high-probability shows up before you, you must make your trade with speed and confidence. You should also be able to control your trades, sustain flawless discipline, and manage risk and reward quickly.

2. Can Be More of Emotions

Compared to other types of trading, day trading can be more emotional. When you find your profit and loss statement fluctuating quickly, and you have the burden of time limitations, it can be very stressful.

3. Can Be Boring

When the market is performing fast, you are required to act and make decisions quickly and handle both emotions of greed and fear. Most of the time is spent laying back and observing the market doing nothing significant. The majority of the time, the market will just move aimlessly without giving you a high-probability trading scenario. Boredom makes it difficult to have a focused mind for long periods of time. That may lead to distraction in which traders start checking their emails, making phone calls, paying bills, and so forth, that’s why when the high-probability trade suddenly pops up itself, they miss it because they were not paying attention.

4. Patience

As a day trader, you normally have open positions. However, a lot of day traders have problems with not having any position. They have a need of being in the open position. This leads to opening completely unconsidered positions, only just to feel the emotions associated with trading.


The above-mentioned drawbacks of day trading depend on each person. What you take as disadvantage other people may consider it otherwise. But what is more important is that you are aware and ready enough as soon as you start day trading. Always remember that trading success requires knowledge and discipline, so better have both before starting.

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