Spotting the Common Mistakes Rookie Investors Make

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Investing is both an exhilarating and distressing undertaking. Everyone wants to grow their money to be able to enjoy a happy retirement. Some of the mistakes that would be mentioned in this article are repeatedly done even by skilled investors and would likely be repeated anytime, if you were not able to spot these as early as your career in investing commences. By becoming aware of these common mistakes, you can somehow take the necessary steps to avoid them.

Be aware that investing can help you accumulate wealth turning you into a better version or make you lose all the money you invested making you worse than what you were before. Here’s how you can dodge the common mistakes every living investor make, especially beginners.

  1. Purchasing trending and hot stocks
  2. Admit it - it is really tempting to buy the hot performing stocks. However, experts say that the previously top performing stocks might entail the highest risks as well. You might be exposing yourself to a riskier situation should you give in.

    What you should do is to make your own research of companies with sound and reasonable fundamentals and avoid getting carried by your emotions.

  3. Holding onto one stock alone
  4. Diversification is important when investing. If you diversify your investments, you can make up for both the highs and lows of the market. Investing in just one stock is dangerous. It seems that you are putting all your eggs in a single basket, just like how the famous saying goes.

  5. Failing to know why you’re investing in a particular stock
  6. Experts say that when you invest in a company you should be able to justify the reasons and be able to explain these to yourself and to other people as well. If you do not know how to, then you might just have committed an investing blind spot.

  7. Investing minus the plan
  8. Making a plan before investing is necessary. It is often advised by experts that any investor – skilled or beginner – must have a concrete plan before making any move. It does not mean that you’ve heard or read something on the news or from the people around you, and then you have to follow it.

    It is better to make your decision based on your own premises instead of following other people’s advice. You can also ask yourself this question, “Do I really want to invest in this company based on what other people say?”

    Aside from understanding why you are buying a particular stock, you also have to know under what circumstances do you expect to sell – hence, having an entry and exit strategy matters. Having such strategy can prevent you to having unnecessary losses.

  9. Buying merely because of brand
  10. Investing must not seem to be “love at first sight.” As a thinking investor, you really have to objectively decide and consider vital information and details pertaining to the company and its past and present performance. If not, you can’t be sure that you are holding the right investment.


Investing can be a rewarding venture as long as you stay careful with your actions. Investors of all sorts can be guilty of doing such mistakes from time to time, and as early as now, beginners must be wary of committing these. Those who recognize and avoid these mistakes have a great advantage in making their investment goals a success.

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