Take Note of these Questions to Ask Before You Invest in Mutual Funds

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If you are eyeing to invest your money in mutual funds, bear in mind that like all other investments existing, you are taking the risk. It is important that before you jump into mutual funds, you know the essentials that surround it.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask yourself or your fund agent to help you with your decision making.

  1. What is the objective of the said fund?
  2. Investment funds must have objectives – some are aiming for capital preservation while some are eyeing for growth and others can be a combination of both goals. It is important that you understand the investment strategy the fund is employing. It would be valuable if such matches your personal goals, too. Another thing is if the strategy of the fund is tolerable to your risk tolerance – especially for aggressive mutual funds.

    For people who are looking forward to money growth, mutual funds aren’t the answer. Your money would not grow much when you invest it there.

  3. How is the previous performance of the said fund?
  4. Experts say that the past performance of an investment fund does not guarantee great future results. However, the reason that you need to know such is to make use of the data to back up your comparison from the other existing mutual funds for you to know which one gives consistent good results.

  5. Who are the fund managers?
  6. It is essential that you check the credentials of the fund managers. Experts suggest that you choose mutual funds that are being run by reputable companies. The internet is so powerful, with just a click you can gather all the information you need. You can always do a quick search on the background of the company and the people behind the investment fund.

  7. What does the portfolio look like?
  8. You can ask this from your fund agent and he or she can give you a booklet or fact sheet where the fund is investing the money. This one can help you further determine the aggressiveness of the fund and check if you can tolerate the risks of its strategies.

  9. How much are the total charges?
  10. You can demand from your fund agent to give you a detailed list of the fees that you will be paying for if you invest in a particular fund. Your fund agent must explain to you in full details the computation and why the charges are needed. Knowing this area can help you maximize your earnings.


You cannot just select the top performing mutual fund and invest your hard-earned money there. Mutual funds can cover you until retirement. These can be a strong foundation for you to enjoy your life as you enjoy your golden years.

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